Proudly Crafted In New Zealand ​Since 1994

We made our first custom made swimsuit in 1998 for a client going on a cruise, since then we have made thousands of swimsuits for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. 

No appointment necessary – If you are in Christchurch and would like a custom made swimsuit please call in and see us at 239c Colombo Street.

Custom Swimwear –
$25 on top of the price of the swimsuit. 


*Please note we do not copy swimsuits or make them from photos or drawings. We work from our own range of patterns, of which there are many. We do this simply because some swimsuits look amazing in pictures but in real life they do not stay up, stay on, or provide any support and people can be disappointed that this is the case. 

When you can’t try something on before you order it, you can be disappointed with the end result. If you order it online and it arrives and you don’t like it, you can send it back. We don’t make swimsuits for people to ‘see what it looks like on’. We will happily look at a picture you may have, as we often have a suit similar and can make our style more like the picture, or even the colour.


About Us


Starfish Swimwear is a boutique swimwear manufacturer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We started in a tiny shop in Sydenham Christchurch in the late 1990s. We were very happy in our location and built up our reputation for making great quality swimwear.

Unfortunately, that shop was gutted by fire and we made the move over the bridge into the city. We had a beautiful bright pink shop that was loved as much by our customers as it was by us, unfortunately we lost that shop in the earthquake of 2010, it was bulldozed with everything in it due to the fact that it was deemed unsafe to enter.

But as is the kiwi spirit, we started again and are still here making swimwear for you.

Custom Made Swimsuits


If you have any questions about our custom designed swimsuits please feel free to get in touch:


Our Swimwear –

Our styles are tried and tested to make sure everything stays where it should be. We don’t muck around with flimsy, strappy or strapless things that look amazing in photoshoots but don’t actually stay up or on when you try to wear them in real life. How frustrating is it when you try to do aquasize or take your children to the pool or the beach and you are constantly making sure you are still being covered by your swimsuit or you spend all day pulling it down because it’s riding up?!

All of our plain colours are chlorine resistant, an exceptional quality fabric that can withstand the harsh effects of chlorinated water and the heat of spa pools. The life of this fabric is amazing compared to normal swimsuit lycra. This gives longevity to your suit and saves you time and money having to replace it frequently. We don’t do fast fashion. We want your swimsuit to last and not end up in a landfill well before its time.

Creating Loyal Customers

Rachel had her first swimsuit made by us in 1999, we have made her a few suits since then but because they last so well she has needed only a few. 

She swims 5 mornings a week so her swimsuits get a real workout. This is her latest pair, the first we've made her since the 2011 earthquake, that's how long the last pair lasted. Our swimsuits go the distance!

What Our Customers Say


"What a wonderful shop in Christchurch where I found a very knowledgeable and pleasant lady who got me back into a pair of togs! After a shoulder surgery and years off swimming I'm back in the pool.Thank you Starfish Swimwear I will definitely be recommending your store and service to all my family and friends."

–  Gabrielle Heath 


"I had a great experience at Starfish Swimwear. The staff were super friendly & helpful & it was great to have a swimsuit made to my size. It made the usual daunting experience of tog shopping much more pleasurable! Would totally recommend heading to Starfish if you need new togs."

–  Sally Nicol


"What a fabulous experience!! The service was absolutely incredible!! Super professional, friendly, and the price of my new tailor made bikini was extremely reasonable too. If you are looking for new swimwear I highly recommend the amazing service & ladies at Starfish Swimwear. What a breathe of fresh air.

–  Tracey Lee Fahey


"So pleased I decided to call in, the service was fantastic. The owner listened & asked a lot of questions to find out exactly what I was after. I tried on two different sized swimsuits and we took bits of both to make the perfect swimsuit for my body shape. I took them for a spin tonight and it was the best investment ever!!! Would highly recommend."

–  Tanita Otton

Proudly Crafted In New Zealand ​Since 1984

We made our first custom made swimsuit in 1998 for a client going on a cruise, since then we have made thousands of swimsuits for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. 


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